Develop Your Team with Empowering, Hands-on Training

Build the front office team of your dreams at the Dental Concierge Institute, our 2-day workshop based in Florida. Your team will have the opportunity to learn powerful tactics that will help them improve their productivity and maximize their commitment to customer service.

Through our empowered coaching, your team will learn to listen to your patients, while keeping their interests and goals at the forefront of everything your team does. Your end result will be a team that boosts patient retention through lasting connections and high-quality concierge dental care.

Front Office Administration Training for the New Front Office Hire

Are you a busy manager with no time to train that great new hire you just onboarded?  Need a new front office person but can’t find a quality person with any dental knowledge?  You are not alone!

After being in the office for 30 years and Coaching / Consulting for the last 3 years, I have tested and finally released a 2 day training course aimed at getting that new front office person armed with basic skills to be able to integrate into your practice – I will set them up for success while you keep running the business of the business!

In my 2 day course, your new hire will learn dental terminology, phone skills, scheduling skills, how to get an insurance breakdown, how to talk about insurance and how to present a basic treatment plan while learning on the latest version of Dentrix as well.  All while learning Customer Service skills that will help them set your office apart from everyone else.  No more baptism by fire!

We have all been there – way too busy and need a new front office person. There seems to be a huge shortage of qualified trained front office team members.  If only the outgoing, amazing girl at your hair salon had dental knowledge – cuz no one has time to train someone!

Well, I do!  I set aside 2 full days approximately once a month to work with a small, select group of up to 6 people to get them ready for the dental front office.  Will they know exactly how you do things the way you want? NO – but they will know the basics and you can teach them your systems and protocols to hone their skills.  Imagine, knowing that your next hire can answer the phone and schedule on your Dentrix software!

Please contact my office for dates / locations of upcoming training.  Have a group and would love training close to your office?  Let me know and I may come to you!

Fees are reasonable and I offer multi-people discounts, as well as follow up from me for up to three months for any questions.

I am a proud member of ADMC, a Fellow of AADOM, and founder / coach at Russell Dental Management, LLC.  Check out my website at

Let me help you set your team apart!

Learn more about the Dental Concierge Institute here.


We're Here to Help.

Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation. Not sure what problems in your practice are a priority? No worries! We can prioritize your needs and put together a customized action plan that works for you AND with you!

Your Patients Deserve a Concierge Experience.

Your dental team will quickly develop the skills they need to improve your profitability, develop powerful communication, and boost your patient retention. By implementing systems and protocols through training that is personalized for your unique goals, you can push toward practice growth together as a team.

Develop Clear Systems, Protocols and Solutions

Enhance the everyday efforts of your team by incorporating proven systems, flawless customer service, and ethical practice values.

Become a Problem Solver

You will learn to spot leaks in your overhead, negotiate insurance fees with confidence, and fill your schedule with ideal, loyal patients.

Here's What You Can Expect:


Complimentary Consultation

You will have a 30 minute call with Dana to determine what your goals and needs are and a discussion on how we can help you achieve your success.


In-Office Evaluation

An in office evaluation helps us to see the office in action and determine that actions needed to serve you best. Our goal is your office running smoothly!


Create an Action Plan

After speaking with Dana, you will work together to develop a customized plan based on your office's needs and goals with you, your team and your budget in mind.

Build the Front Office of Your Dreams

At the Dental Concierge Institute, your front office associates will learn powerful tactics to improve their productivity and their customer service. Our empowered coaching can boost your patient retention and allow your front office to fill your schedule easily and effectively.


See What Clients Just Like You Are Saying

Working with Dana was the best decision I  made for my office.  She listened to my frustrations and helped to get my team, not just the front office, on a plan for improvement that is creating a more productive and efficient workplace.  The team is happier and the systems implemented make the day easier to work and schedule changes don't interrupt the entire day any more.  I highly recommend working with Dana! 

 -Dr. Christie S.


Dental Coach | Promoting Change

January 15, 2019

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